Other Booking Information

Timeline When Making Bookings

Payment for bookings must be made by a credit card (Visa or Mastercard) at the time of booking. In exceptional circumstances payment may be made within 7 days by arrangement with the Booking Officer, unpaid bookings will be automatically cancelled soon after that time (examples include; special winter booking arrangements and whole of lodge bookings).

Tentative Booking: If you have made a booking and have not yet paid for it, you will normally receive an email indicating that you have a Tentative Booking (not paid for as yet). See the above note about payment.

Confirmed Booking: Once you have paid for the bookings, you will receive an email that the booking is a Confirmed Booking. The email contains a link to a webpage with information about your stay at the Lodge. It also contains the current door code for the Lodge but note that this may change if your booking is a long way off.

Payment Reminder: If payment is not made within 7 days you will be sent a reminder that payment is due. Your booking will be cancelled automatically sometime later. Note that you should contact the Booking officer if there is a reason why payment cannot, or should not, be made within 7 days and the booking can be protected from auto-cancellation.

Booking Pre-Stay Reminders: Five days and then again one day before the start of your booking you will receive an email reminding you of the details and also giving the link to information for your stay. The current door code is also included. The email will also give details of the Lodge Captain(s) during your stay.

Survey Request: Two days after the end of your booking you will receive and email giving a link to a short survey about your stay at the Lodge. We encourage you to complete this survey as it gives us valuable information! There is also a second link to a survey for Lodge Captains to give us detailed information about the Lodge. You do not need to be the Lodge Captain to complete this survey if you can provide information to us!

View Information About Your Bookings

If you lose the details of your booking you can access them by logging into the CBDWeb Booking Engine as if you were making a booking. Then Select Manage Bookings followed by View My Bookings. Your current bookings are listed. You will need your member number and name to access the system.