How to Make a Booking

Booking at Piste Haus is not open to all. To book you need to be known to the Lodge and its members – a “Friend of the Lodge”. There are many such people who have made bookings in the past and to whom we email information regularly. If you are on this list you will have received details to access the CBDWeb Booking Engine. If you are not on the list, please email the Booking Officer on stating your association with the members of the Lodge to obtain access details.

Go to the appropriate Booking Page, click the green Book button at the bottom on the Member Booking Page or Non Member Booking Page and you are taken to the booking engine.  Note that the “Member Number” required is your access number to the Booking Engine, whether you are an actual member of the Lodge or a “Friend of the Lodge”.

Enter Your Access Details as below:

Successful access to the Booking Engine gives you the availability screen (as below) on which you can see rooms that are booked and those available for you to book. Mouse over the room list at the left of the screen tells you the details on the rooms (such as maximum capacity).

Select a room, start date, and end date and your potential booking is shown in green. If you change your mind and use “Clear Dates” then your room number stays highlighted for the new dates to be selected. If you do not want that room, click on its green highlight to deselect the room.

Select the Next Step button at the top right of the page and you are taken to a summary of your booking (as below) into which you can put information for your booking.

Type in the names of people staying in the room. If the person is known to the Booking Engine, then the name will appear in a pull down menu. If not, type in the name. When complete, Select the Next Step button. This gives you a summary of your booking (as below) . The contact details are taken from the information within the Booking Engine database. The page gives you the chance to update these details by selecting the check button at the bottom right of the page.

Select the Next Step button and your are taken to the Payment Page (as below) from which you complete your booking.

Payment must be made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) at the time of booking.

Note that you can come back into the Booking Engine, selecting the Manage Booking tab at the top of each page to make changes to your booking.

You are now done. Enjoy your stay at the Lodge! We hope you get good snow, good weather for bushwalking, or good fishing!!