Duties of the Lodge Captain

During the winter season and sometimes in the off-season the Booking Officer appoints a Lodge Captain. This is usually a member who is staying in the lodge for all or part, of the week. The name of the appointed Lodge Captain(s) appears in the email sent to people 5 days before the start of their stay at the Lodge.

There is an on-line form for the Lodge Captain to provide feedback about the state of the Lodge. A link to the form is provided in the email sent to visitors soon after the end of their stay. The form can also be found HERE. The feedback is extremely important in the operation of the Lodge and we encourage to complete the form.

The Lodge Captain’s role encompasses the following:

  • Being the first point of contact for all members and paying guests staying in the lodge.
  • Making yourself known to all guests and making them feel welcome.
  • Keeping a general eye on things.
  • Being the first point of contact for any problems. If it is urgent e.g. plumbing/electricity then contact handyman. If in any doubt, contact the lodge maintenance officer. Note details in communication book. If it is a booking problem, contact booking officer.
  • Collecting any money from any additional paying guests, once you have established that there is room available. There is a receipt book on the top right-hand end of the yellow pantry unit. Send funds collected to Booking Officer.
  • Explaining to first time guests how things work e.g. labeling of shelves in fridge and pantry unit, all drinks in drinks fridge etc.
  • Checking the contents of the spare shelf in the fridge and throwing out food that appears to have passed its use by date, especially milk. Moving items that appear to have been left behind but may still be of use to either the shelf labeled “Spare” on the top right-hand side of the fridge or shelf labeled for “community use” on right-hand side of the kitchen.
  • Checking provisions supplied by lodge, and ensuring that there is a supply readily available for use, e.g. toilet paper, tea, coffee etc in kitchen, washing powder in laundry
  • Purchasing any items required. The bills should be sent to the accounts officer for reimbursement. Check that both BBQ gas bottles are filled.
  • Replacing any blown light globes. There is a supply in hall cupboard on the 2nd floor.
  • Ensuring that the garbage bins and recycle bins in kitchen are emptied.
  • Making sure garbage bins go out on the correct nights and are brought back in the following day. See calendar posted on main Fridge and front Notice Board.
  • Making sure recycling bins go out on the correct week.
  • If necessary, reminding people to park their cars so the maximum number of cars can park on property and not on the street.
  • Checking that doors are closed and locked and downstairs windows when everybody leaves, especially check spa door and that the 2 fire doors upright bolts are fully engaged.
  • Checking that lights and heaters are turned off when not needed, especially drying room.
  • Checking that the sensor light at front door is switched on.
  • Making sure that outdoor furniture is stored inside and BBQ is covered up.
  • Making sure that the Log splitter, axe etc are kept inside foyer, not outside, and wood cage is locked.
  • If rooms are empty, checking that there are the right number of pillows and rooms look welcoming.
  • Monitor the availability of Linen in the downstairs cupboard and also the used linen basket in the reception area (and provide details in the Lodge Captain feedback form.
  • Complete the feedback form to provide crucial information about the conditions at the Lodge.

The job of the Lodge Captain is VERY important to the functioning of the Lodge. We thank you very much for taking on the role!