Information for Your Stay

We hope you feel at home and enjoy your stay. The information below will assist you and others to enjoy the Lodge facilities.

When You Arrive Parking General Items Bedrooms
Kitchen Living Area Laundry Drying Room
Spa Lodge Cleaning Garbage and Recycling Bins Fire Exits, Extinguishers, Smoke Alarms
If You are the Last to Leave the Lodge Lodge is Smoke Free Environment Garbage and Recycling Collection Dates
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It is important to understand that the lodge operates on a communal basis. Guests at the lodge share a well organised kitchen, and there is a single, large, communal dining table. Guests also enjoy the lounge room and the deck overlooking the lake with others, perhaps sharing a wine, beer and snacks.  The Lodge has no dishwasher, no phone, no TV, and no WIFI provided, enhancing its communal nature. Many members and guests comment that the communal nature of the lodge is one of the things they value most about the Lodge. There is a supply of children’s games to encourage socialisation between children of differing ages from various families. Children are expected to be supervised at all times and not impinge on the enjoyment of other guests.

In winter the Booking Officer appoints a Lodge Captain to assist with the daily operation of the Lodge. The name of the Lodge Captain in included in the email which you receive just before the start of your booking.

The Booking Officer manages all booking issues: details on contacting the current booking officer are on the downstairs notice board and in the Lodge Manual located near the stereo.


The pre-stay email will have given you code for the front door and also reminded you of the room(s) that you have booked. You can also recheck the details via the Lodge Booking Engine. You need your member ID and name for this.

Please make yourself known to the Lodge Captain.

If the Lodge is empty when you to arrive, you may need to turn on the power at the power box (located on the external side wall, wood box end. From the front door walk to the end of the undercover parking and turn right.)  You may also need to turn on the two fridges in the kitchen area at the power points. details are on the front notice board in the entrance area.

The automatic sensor light located above the front door should always be on.  If it is not, the switch is on the left -hand side of the front door as you come in (marked in red).


Local Council prefers cars to be parked off the street.  Please park in the Lodge parking area and attempt to maximise the space available to others e.g. the space nearest the front door holds 2 cars.


Please refer any issues to the Lodge Captain in the first instance. If this person is not available, the phone contact of the maintenance man and the cleaner, are available on the noticeboard in the foyer.

  • When arriving late or leaving early: don’t leave your car idling; don’t slam car doors; keep your voices down; and walk quietly to your room.
  • The Piste Haus is a smoke free environment and smoking is not permitted anywhere in the lodge including the spa and deck areas.  If you smoke outside please dispose of your butts thoughtfully.
  • No heavy boots or shoes should be worn on the levels above the concrete entrance foyer.
  • Please be sensitive to others when using mobile phones.  A power board is provided on the bookshelves for charging mobile phones. There is no telephone in the Lodge.
  • Electricity is very expensive. Please be aware of this when using lights and heaters.
  • Candles and matches are potential fire hazards and should not be used in bedrooms.

Pets are not allowed on Lodge property.


Please make sure that you only use rooms that you have booked.

  • Blankets are not provided but there is a limited supply of elderly blankets in the hall cupboards for emergency use.  Please return them to the cupboard when finished. In some cases, you are able to hire Bed Linen through the booking system. This is available in the downstairs storage cupboard in the bedroom area. Only use this if you have paid for it; otherwise you MUST bring your own. Pillows are provided but if you bring your own, please check that you have the right ones when you leave. 
  • Doors between the living area and the bedroom hallways should remain closed.  This assists in keeping the bedroom areas quiet and retains warm air in the living rooms.
  • The bedroom heaters are very efficient. If you leave them on high when you go to bed you will wake up feeling like you are in a sauna.  Drying items such as towels and socks on the heaters is dangerous – please use the drying room.  Ensure heaters are turned OFF before leaving each day.
  • All rooms must be vacated by 11am on the day of departure. After this time, luggage may be stored in the foyer under the stairs.  Lodge facilities may be used until 5pm on the day of departure. Please use the downstairs shower so you don’t overload the upstairs facilities.
  • If you arrive early please allow previous guests to vacate before moving into a room.  If required luggage may be stored under the stairs in the foyer as indicated above.


The kitchen is fully equipped with two cooktops, an oven, two microwave ovens, two fridges and other food shelf areas.  The kitchen is often very busy during breakfast and dinner times.  Please be considerate of others by keeping the work areas clean and tidy and wash, dry and put away all utensils after use.

  • Each bedroom has an allocated shelf in the kitchen for non-refrigerated food items.  Shelves are labelled by bedroom number. 
  • The double door fridge also has shelf space allocated by bedroom number. The top right hand shelf labelled ‘spare’ has food for general use. A freezer is located downstairs in the laundry for peak periods.
  • The single door fridge in the dining room should be used for drinks.
  • Please do not leave any food in the Lodge when you leave unless someone agrees to take it. Put the food on their shelves to avoid confusion.  The fridges will be turned off outside the peak winter season – do not leave any food.
  • Basic items such as salt & pepper, tea, coffee, sugar, oil, and tomato sauce are provided for general use.  They are in the cupboard on the right wall.
  • Use cling wrap when heating food in the microwaves to avoid the splattering of food.
  • If the garbage bins are full, empty them into the Otto bins and replace the garbage bag.

The recycle bins should put out for collection on the appropriate day. The collection timetable for garbage and recycles is on a notice on the fridge. Or click HERE.


  • Wood for the fireplace is in the locked wood store outside the front door. Keys are near the fireplace. Please return the axe and wood splitter to inside the Lodge when you have finished. We have had a number of thefts of both wood and equipment.
  • Please be very conscious of fire safety. Children should not be allowed access to the fireplace. Empty the ashes when necessary – but wait until they’re cool! The cool ashes can be put on the garden or if too much unburnt ash remains, then in the garbage.
  • Please consider other guests when adjusting the volume of the musical system.

The members’ communication book is used to communicate issues to do with Lodge maintenance. This is not a visitor’s book.  Scrap paper is kept in the shelves under the stereo.


  • A washing machine is available for use by guests and washing powder is provided. The machine empties into the tub, make sure the plug or other items do not block the drain hole before using.

There is a waxing bench and specific waxing iron in the laundry. Please remove any rubbish including wax after using.


  • The drying room is next to the foyer area. The light switch for the drying room is outside the drying room in the middle of the wall.  Switch off the light and heater when not needed. The hot water tanks also provide heating.
  • Remember to close the drying room door, especially when leaving in a hurry in the morning.
  • Please remove all items once dry so as to leave room for others.
  • The heater setting should be adjusted for the amount of items to be dried, and the degree of wetness. Please don’t place dripping items above other guests’ items.

Check the drying room carefully when departing the Lodge. Many guests leave items behind.


  • The spa will be turned off and unavailable for use until relevant NSW Govt COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.
  • These facilities are for the use of members and paying guests of the Lodge only. Please enjoy these facilities but be mindful that misuse can be dangerous.
  • Parents need to be aware that the spa poses special dangers for children. Children under 16 years of age are not allowed into this area without direct parental supervision.  Make sure that the access door is LOCKED when not in use.
  • Do not take bottles or glass into the area. Plastic glasses are available in the kitchen.
  • Please shower before using the spa. 
  • The switch for the outside spa light is located in the kitchen near the glasses shelf on the left hand side of the sink.
  • Do not attempt to adjust the temperature controls of the spa or the chemical levels.  These are the responsibilities of the Lodge maintenance man.
  • The spa contains a large volume of water in an outside setting and so takes a long while to heat, especially if it has not been used in the previous day. It needs to be turned on by about midday to be hot enough that evening. If there is nobody in the Lodge during the day, turn the filter on in the morning before you go skiing, otherwise it will not be warm enough to use in the evening.

Please consider both guests of the Lodge and those in neighbouring houses when using the spa. The filter is noisy and can disturb others, especially at night.


  • A cleaner comes in once a week during winter (and as needed in summer) to clean the common areas of the Lodge – the kitchen, lounge, dining, and bathrooms.  Guests however are expected to contribute to the amenity of the Lodge by tidying up after themselves and their children.
  • Do not leave your personal items in the bathroom areas.

Guests are expected to vacuum their own bedrooms before departing, and to remove any rubbish. There is no cleaning and tidying of vacated bedrooms before the next guests arrive, so please leave your room as tidy as you would expect to find it and with a supply of pillows. Return any blankets and extra pillows to the hall cupboard.


We appreciate if you would put the garbage bins and recycle bin onto the street for collection when due (see signs in the Lodge, e.g. on the fridge for the days and dates).

Where possible collect the empty bins from the street and put them in their place near the entrance door.

Click Here for Garbage and Recycling Collection Dates


Fire extinguishers are located in hallways and other areas throughout the lodge.  A fire blanket is located in the kitchen.  Please make yourself familiar with the location of Fire Exits and fire extinguishers.

The Fire Exits at the end of each bedroom wing are for emergency use only and must be kept clear at all times.  The doors are easily opened by pushing down on the crash bar. If they are opened for any reason, please ensure you re-close them properly, instructions are provided on both doors.

The bedroom wing is fully fitted with smoke detectors. They beep if the batteries are flat. Please notify the maintenance man in this case.


  • Check all windows and doors are shut and locked.
  • Check all heaters and lights are turned off, except for the outside sensor light.
  • Do NOT turn off the power. The power stays ON at all times.
  • Check that no perishable food is left in the upstairs or downstairs fridges.
  • Check that the fire door exits are correctly latched.
  • Turn OFF the fridges at the power points, leaving fridges empty with doors open.

Do not turn off the water heating. This must stay ON at all times.


For the safety and comfort of others


Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the Lodge building including the deck and spa areas.